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AISA Vice-President
Navneet Mittal

I migrated to Australia in 2003, and after working for seven years for a leading travel agency in Sydney, I started my own travel business in 2011. In Australia, with the help of the local association, I have welcomed several International students. I am a point of contact for any problems they have during their stay in NSW, Australia.


In 2020 due to COVID19, International students were severely affected. I was the first person in Wollongong, NSW, to start helping them before any other charity joined. For my efforts, NSW Health (ISLHD) named me as a Local Hero (

I have championed International Students struggles (


As the Vice-President of AISA, I hope I can share my expertise and experience so that you, as an International Student, can have the best higher education in Australia.

We believe International Students should have a ‘fair go’ whilst they stay in Australia.

We Need Your Support Today!

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